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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, We know many parents will be home schooling their children during unprecedented school closures and a pause to the national curriculum. We understand how difficult this time will be for everyone so with the support of our children’s authors. Whose school visits have been postponed during the ongoing uncertainty. We are offering related children’s learning book bundles. All of our book bundles are specially designed after understanding children’s interest. The activity posters are designed to entertain and encourage an analytical and creative response to each text which we hope will help inspire home learning. Focusing on the KLA(Key Learning Area)of kids, and foster a love of reading adventure narratives. Below you’ll find bundle selections suitable for primary, middle-grade (aged eight to twelve).

Preschool Books Bundle – Home Schooling

Our book bundles are specially designed for Child mind development. In addition to that it also includes white board which can be used for drawing and writing purposes. Coloring set and String bag with pouch is also in the package.

preschool books bundle

Package Includes

  1. Set of Reading books for toddlers,
    i. ABC
    ii. 1 2 3
    iii. ا ب ج
    iv. Fruits, Vegetables, Dry Fruits
    v. Animal, Birds, Insects
    vi. Color, Shapes, Body Parts
  2. With Wipe Clean Writing drawing Board + Pen + Duster
  3. Coloring Book
  4. 6 Colors
  5. String Bag
  6. Pouch

My First Learning Library-Home Schooling

The amazing box set contains a set of 12 well-researched board books to introduce wide range of learning topics and everyday objects to the little scholars

Package Includes

my first learning library- home schooling
  • Package Includes
  • Vehicles Reading Book
  • اردو کی نظمیں
  • Rhymes Reading Book
  • ا ب پ کی کتاب
  • 123 Reading Book
  • Body Parts Reading Book
  • Fruits Reading Book
  • ABC Reading Book
  • Vegetables Reading Book
  • Birds Reading Book
  • Animals Reading Book
  • Colors & Shapes Reading Book

Famous Moral Stories 4 Books Pack for Kids – English

english story books- home schooling

A storybook not only Needs to be interesting it should also be colorful and attractive so that the children can enjoy it fully. Pictures and illustrations help improve the storybook experience manifolds.

Package includes

4 Story Books (Each book contains 5 to 6 Stories)


Baby Einstein Learning Library

The 12 Baby Einstein Learning Library contains twelve well-researched Wooden board books to introduce KLAs (Key Learning Areas). Everyday objects are introduced in an effective and appealing way to engage the young minds in an active learning process.

larning library home schooling, books for kids, toddlers book, schoolmallpk

Package Includes

  • ABC,
  • 123
  • Birds
  • First Words
  • Body Parts
  • Farm Animals
  • Wild Animals
  • Transport
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Colours
  • Shapes.

And many more, visit Bundles section in SchoolMall.

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