Lunch Box


How to Always Choose the Right Lunch Box For Kids

It’s not about you, it’s about your kid and this is why choosing the right lunch box for your kids must be considered a bit more seriously. You might have noticed that there are different types of lunchboxes – some of them come with accessories, and some are made of different materials – this is why parents can’t decide which is better for their children. At School Mall, we have boys’ lunch boxes, lunch boxes for girls, kids’ plastic lunch boxes and steel ones, bento lunch boxes, and many more. So, before browsing our school lunch box catalog, we suggest you read a little more so you could make the right choice while buying the perfect lunch box for your little one. 

Of course, it all depends on your kid and no one except you knows the most about your kid. If your child is medically sensitive and you have a fear that he or she might get intoxicated easily, then it’s best that you buy your child steel lunch boxes. Otherwise, kids love and prefer plastic boxes because they are available in colorful and cartoony forms. The next thing you need to care about is the size; if you come across a boy’s lunch box, just think if it will fit his school bag or if he will be able to carry it easily. If the answer is ‘yes,’ then you’re good to go!

Bentgo Lunch Boxes? In Pakistan? NO WAY!!!

Yes! At School Mall, we have a stock of Bento lunch boxes from the company and we’re proud to offer them to your kids. They are actually bento lunch boxes which are a type of lunch box with compartments. Your kid can get a sandwich in one compartment, a delicious dip in the other one, and some salad in the next one, all depending on the number of compartments in them. Other than Bentgo lunch boxes, we have a lot of others with high-quality materials, compartments, and amazing insulation to keep your food warm for hours. 

Insulation is very important in school lunch boxes for kids. Nobody wants cold food served and to prevent this, we offer children’s lunch boxes with good insulation to ensure that the food stays warm until recess. If this doesn’t satisfy you and you still think that the food must look and taste fresh when eaten after a few hours, we have just the lunch box for you – An Electric Lunch Box With a Spoon!!! Having an electric lunch box like this is equivalent to keeping a little microwave oven with yourself. It comes with a wire that you plug into the power outlet, open up its air vent, add a little bit of water into the container, and just turn on the switch for a while until the food is hot and ready right inside the kids’ plastic lunch box.

Get School Mall’s Boys’ Lunch Boxes to Make Sure Your Kids Eat Their Lunch

Like many other kids, yours would also annoy you by not eating their lunch, especially the boys. We have to treat kids with patience and actually trick them into doing what is right if they’re not doing it by will. To make sure they eat their lunch in recess, give them lunch in a super fun-looking boys’ lunch box. School Mall offers all such types of unique-looking lunch boxes for kids in Pakistan that shine in your kids’ eyes because of their looks and features. Besides all its features and value, School Mall has set the prices of these lunch boxes for kids optimized for everyone – they are available in the price range of Rs.1000 – Rs.2500. Buy now and get your kids’ favorite bento lunch box delivered right at your doorstep!