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Movies vs. Books For Kids – What’s Better?

To choose from movies and books for kids, it’s best to know the facts and differences first. If we talk about movies, kids love and prefer them over books because they find movies much more entertaining. It’s obvious that cartoon movies attract kids more because of their beautiful and amazing animation or visual quality, sound, funny activities, etc. Comparing movies to kids’ books, movies do not influence a kid educationally as quickly and efficiently as a book. Kids’ books may not have moving images and sound, but they are and will always be the most efficient learning material for kids. School Mall believes in book supremacy and thus provides all kinds of kids’ books online to both entertain your child and help them learn and grow with the healthiest possible childhood education. Order books online from Pakistan’s renowned online book store for kids now – we have the best kids’ book collection for your children.

Having a reading habit is much better than having a habit of watching movies. We’re not saying that watching animated movies is a waste of time and is unhealthy but prioritizing them over kids’ books could result in harm to the kid’s learning abilities. This will affect their future. This is why we offer kids’ books in our store to make sure that in Pakistan, kids spend their childhood in the most efficient way so they could boost their chances of success in the future. Reading story books to kids helps them develop a reading habit and opens up a whole new world of imagination. This is a great practice for kids because, with story books, they learn vocabulary, talking, listening, understanding, imagining a situation, and a lot more.

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We Don’t Only Have the Reading Books For Kids

Yes, book reading is a great habit and if kids find interest in it, there’s a great chance they’re going to spend a healthy childhood in terms of learning. However, book reading isn’t the only thing that helps them with it – in addition to reading, they must also indulge in writing because this is how they can freely write down their thoughts and even practice drawing. For this, we have a huge variety of writing-style kids’ books that will help your kids learn to write in an entertaining way. 

Kids’ books related to general knowledge related are extremely necessary along with other reading and writing books. These general knowledge books have all the information that your child needs to learn the basics of science, country, language, etc. Apart from those, there are letter-matching and number-matching puzzles that your kid can play with – they also have the same effect on your child as from a book full of knowledge. 

Story-telling – it’s something that kids just love to do and they can actually do this all day without getting tired. This greatly helps them recollect stories and illustrate each character in the story. Certainly, every child enjoys telling the story that parents read to them or they read themselves. 

School Mall – Order Books Online From Pakistan’s Book Store

Our books and other learning material are completely child-oriented to make sure that the children indulge in healthy activities while having fun. Every story is specially designed for children to be engaged and feels encouraged to read. We offer online books delivery in Lahore and other cities as well so if you’re interested, you can simply scroll through our catalog of books for kids, buy books online in Pakistan, have them delivered right at your doorstep, and you’ve completed the first step of your kids’ success.