Looking For Islamic Stories for Kids in Urdu? We Have Them!

As responsible parents, it is your duty to walk the right path and take your kids with us. The right path is always the one that the Almighty Allah and His Holy Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) have told us about. As adults, we can learn about Islam through Holy Quran, Sahih Hadith, and many more Islamic books along with the teachings from great existing scholars. However, when it comes to teaching Islam to kids, we cannot use any of this. The best way to teach kids about Islam is through Islamic stories for kids in Urdu. Since Urdu is our mother tongue, you must prefer teaching Islam in the Urdu language primarily. School Mall has authentic and amazing books for Islamic stories for kids in Urdu – all available at a reasonable price!

Talking about Islamic teachings for kids, let’s dive into how kids can actually learn using these Islamic storybooks in Urdu. Stories are written and told in a way to keep the reader or listener engaged and what could be more engaging than Islamic stories? Kids learn the best when they are told about something with high interest. So, as parents or even siblings, it’s best that you read these Islamic books to your kids in an enticing way to tell them how glorious Islam is, how great Allah is, how generous our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was, how helpful the rules of Islam are, and much more. School Mall’s all Islamic books in Urdu cover these points, attract kids to Islam, and hold a strong foundation during their childhood.

The Awesome Features of Our Islamic Story Books in Urdu

There are some features of our Islamic storybooks that always catch the eye of the reader and when they read it, they have a feeling of spirituality. The most attractive feature of School Mall’s Islamic books is their spectacular quality. When it comes to buying Islamic books for toddlers or older children, it’s best that you buy them in the highest possible quality so there’s the least chance of damage. The other good thing about our Islamic books is that they are designed especially for kids so that every kid would stay engaged with the stories and teachings and actually learn about Islam. These storybooks are the greatest gifts a kid can have.

On the other hand, we have Islamic books for children in English and Urdu to make sure that kids in Pakistan that know either language could take benefit from them. Whether you’re searching for an Islamic book for children in Urdu or in English, School Mall’s awesome collection of children’s Islamic books will appear in front of you. However, as preschool guides, we suggest teaching kids about Islam in Arabic as well as Urdu and English so that kids learn the actual importance of Islam in Arabic, and have sound knowledge of it in their mother tongue. 

Check Out Our Collection of Islamic Books for Kids

As we have mentioned before that the best gift you can get to your child as a Muslim is an Islamic book. It’s important to start teaching your kids about Islam when they’re too young so that when they grow up, they have a strong foundation as Muslims and become better and better as they grow older. We have every Islamic book that your kids would need – all in top-notch quality and awesome features. Without wasting any more minutes, let’s dive into the catalog of our Islamic stories for kids in Urdu or English and pick the best collection for your kid. Make the right decision for your kids’ Islamic and successful future!