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Reading to kids is one of the most wonderful activities you can do with your kids – trust us, it’s ravishing and freshening. Yes, they can’t properly understand whatever you’re reading but they’re actively listening and this means that it is positively affecting them. What could be a better gift than this? This is why story books for kids are super important for their development. A study from Ohio State University highlights the importance of reading rhyming poems for kids and its huge effects on the kids’ development. The results show that children who are read to at home for their first five years of life learn more than a million words compared to children who are NOT read to. School Mall makes sure that parents read amazing children’s stories in Urdu to their toddlers by selling the best story books and rhyming poems for kids.

Benefits of English Story Books For Kids

The primary way that children pick up a language is through listening to their parents or siblings speaking. This is how kids are introduced to a means of communication. We all know that kids always copy or imitate whatever they observe – this is why the more you read or talk to them, the more they’re going to learn about the language. They will learn proper grammar, sentence structure, poems, etc. Kids don’t just understand all those difficult rules of the English language like prepositions, adjectives, nouns, adverbs, etc. All they have learned is vocabulary and they become capable of constructing sentences without a flaw as they speak. Hence, reading children’s stories in Urdu or English to kids have the same effect in terms of vocabulary, sentence making, etc. on children.

Here’s what a perfect quality time between a parent and a kid sounds like: sitting on the couch talking or reading rhyming poems for kids. Talk to a kid someday and ask them about their favorite times of their childhood – they’ll admit that the best time in their childhood was when their parents spent their time with them. English story books for kids are just awesome because they are a relationship-builder between the parents and the kids. Even choosing a story before bedtime at night is exciting for kids. It will strengthen your relationship with your children, aid in their mental growth, and give them the opportunity to appreciate and feel closer to you because of your effort and undivided attention if you read to them from School Mall’s fantastic children’s stories in Urdu.

Get Fantastic English Story Books For Kids at Low Prices

Whether you need baby nursery rhymes, reading story books, famous nursery rhymes, or any other cartoon stories and rhymes, we have a whole catalog of different story books for kids at School Mall. After learning about the awesome benefits of reading story books to your children, you should start paying attention to how much time you give to your kids, how much you read cartoon stories and rhymes to them, and how strong your bond with them is. At School Mall, we make sure that all of these benefits are combined in a few products at super affordable prices. If you invest just a little bit in these Urdu or English story books for kids, you’ll gain an unlimited amount of profit in terms of your child’s knowledge, sharp mind, and undeniable success. 

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