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Move a Step Forward With Our Tracing Books For Kids

Like adults, kids can get easily discouraged when they can’t do easy tasks, which frequently causes them to lose interest in tasks that are too challenging. It’s one of the challenges that many parents and educators have in trying to get kids to take up a pencil and begin learning to write. Younger children who lack confidence in fundamental abilities like letter formation may even become hostile or shut down. But hold on! There is a solution, and it is really enjoyable. With the help of the children’s tracing books from the School Mall, you can teach your child to write letters and numbers. This user-friendly, durable, kid-proof book gives toddlers and preschoolers the ideal head start in learning crucial school subjects.

Our alphabet tracing layout is what makes the tracing books for kids from School Mall so popular. The books have tracing guides to help them move their hands around the pages of the forms and this is what encourages children to learn to write letters and numbers just the way adults do. Take a look at our collection of tracing and writing books for kids and order them today. 

How Tracing Books Helps Children Learn Much Better

Tracing books are like one of the best teachers in the world for kids because not only do they teach how to grab a pencil and other basic tools but they also help the kids learn the alphabet and numerics, and practice their fine motor skills. This ultimately develops their mental state and helps them build their future with a much stronger foundation. Tracing exercises include a variety of mental exercises in addition to the act of placing a pencil on paper. Children must have some problem-solving, observational, and pattern-spotting skills before they can trace. School Mall’s tracing books for kids will help build and maintain a relationship between the children’s intellect and their capacity to trace and eventually, write.

3 Awesome Kids Writing Practice Books You Can Get TODAY!

Don’t let your kid just sit there in boredom and simply waste time doing either nothing or being very unproductive. School Mall brings a whole bunch of awesome kids writing practice books for your kids and those too at an affordable price. You can scroll through our catalog and choose the best writing book for your kids. If making a decision is becoming hard for you, we’ll make it easy for you by narrowing down the list. We suggest these 3 awesome alphabet tracing books or kids’ writing practice books that both you and your kid will love!

Double Sided Magnetic Drawing Board

A magnetic drawing board – one side of which is a whiteboard where the kid can draw or write whereas the other side has the English alphabet and numbers along with some basic mathematical symbols. 

Wipe Clean Book With a Marker

It’s a tracing or writing practice book for the English alphabet and it comes with a free marker for the kid to start practicing instantly. You can get the wipe-clean book for both small and capital alphabet from right here.

3 in 1 Digital Wooden Shaped Board

It comes with a wipe-and-clean board, blocks of shapes, animals, colors, numbers, and more along with a marker to practice writing. A complete educational toy to enhance your child’s early childhood learning experience.

School Mall – Buy Our Tracing Books For Kids Online 

At School Mall, we have a whole collection of kids’ toys, educational materials, preschool accessories, and much more. Out of all those items, our tracing books for kids stand out because they are one of the fastest means for a child’s early childhood development. So sit your child down beside you and let him or her choose their favorite kids writing practice books, and then place your order. We have a fast delivery service and within a few days, you will receive your alphabet tracing books at your doorstep without a hassle.