Water Colour


Water Colors Are Good for Kids – Here’s Why

As parents, it’s essential to provide our kids with activities that are both enjoyable and beneficial. Watercolor painting is one great activity that checks both boxes. This versatile art medium has so many benefits for kids of all ages – from improving their fine motor skills to helping them express themselves in a creative way.

Watercolor painting can be an ideal activity for young children as they develop their hand-eye coordination and learn about blending colors and using different brush strokes. As they get older, water coloring can help them foster a deeper appreciation for the arts and encourage self-expression through visual art forms. Not only does this give them an outlet to show off their creativity, but also helps boost their confidence in the process!

Safety: Protect Clothes & Skin

When it comes to painting with watercolors, safety should be a top priority. Whether you are introducing your child to art or teaching them the basics of painting, protecting clothing and skin is critical. Watercolor paints can often be difficult to remove from fabric and skin, so taking the proper precautions beforehand will save time and energy in the future.

To protect clothing, make sure everyone wears an apron or some type of covering that is easily washable. Synthetic materials such as nylon may also prove useful for protection against spills and splatters. As for skin protection, wearing long sleeves is often advisable when working with watercolors; if long sleeves aren’t an option then applying lotion to exposed areas can help keep paint from adhering too strongly to the body. Additionally, removing excess paint from hands quickly will help prevent stains from setting into the skin.

Supplies: Paints, Brushes, Paper

Introducing kids to the world of watercolor painting can be a fun, creative experience. With the right supplies, they can enjoy creating works of art and expressing their imagination. Supplies such as paints, brushes, paper and other materials are essential for getting started.

Watercolor paints come in many different forms including liquid, pan and tube paint. Liquid paint is great for mixing colors while pan or tube paints offer vibrant hues that don’t require much preparation time. Brushes should be chosen carefully according to the type of painting desired. Natural hair brushes like squirrel hair or sable can create fine lines while synthetic brushes are best for larger areas of color application. As for paper, heavier-weight papers will hold up better to multiple layers of watercolor paint without warping or buckling.

Technique: Blending & Layers

Water color for kids is an exciting and rewarding form of art that can be used to create beautiful, unique pieces. But as with any art form, there are techniques to learn in order to get the best results. One such technique is blending and layers. Blending and layering is a great way to build up depth and texture in watercolor paintings – creating stunning visuals of light, shadow, and gradients.

When it comes to using these techniques in watercolor painting, there are two key concepts: wet on wet and wet on dry. Wet on wet involves adding more paint or water onto a pre-existing layer that’s still damp; this allows the pigments to blend together naturally.

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