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About Schoolmall

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SchoolMall deal in all types of Preschool Supplies and Educational Toys. Our Products are specially designed for the mental growth of your child, as they learn while they are playing.

Concept behind Schoolmall

The concept of learning while playing will make your child learn more. Nowadays children are focused on mobile phones, tablets, etc. No doubt technology has a very positive impact on society but there are major health issues caused especially in the young generation.  Play helps to nurture imagination and give a child a sense of adventure. Through this, they can learn essential skills such as problem solving, working with others, sharing and much more. In turn, this helps them develop the ability to concentrate.

Play is far more powerful for children, however, than many parents realize. It’s actually the key to learning. Researchers and educators across the world have found that play can help enrich learning and develop key skills such as inquiry, expression, experimentation, and teamwork.


The vision of our products is to take children away from those harmful devices and give them toys that will have no bad impact on health, and a positive impact on their brains. Our all Products will help your children to have fun while boosting their mental health, their creativity will boost, and they will surely become great problem solver.

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