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10 Books Wipe Clean & Reading Bundle

School Mall Introduce a Wipe-Clean book bundle for your child’s pre-schooling. This is a pack of 10 books, including English, and Urdu alphabets, Numbers, and different animals, birds, shapes, fruits, and vegetables. Your child will learn about the basic things we see in our daily life with their names, shapes, and color. He/She will see them in daily life and learn them at home.



SKU: 01-01-00615

Book Size: 24*18 cm

Material: Laminated Art card.

Includes: 10 Books, 3 Markers, 1 box.

Every kid starts learning from his/her home by seeing and observing different things. You need to polish your children right from the beginning, starting with the homeschooling of your children. School Mall always tries to help out the Parents for home schooling of their children. We bring you many Educational Toys, Pre Schooling book bundles, Stationery, and many more things.

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