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188 Pcs Wooden Painting Art Kit

Art is a canvas for self-expression, and the 188 Pcs Wooden Painting Art Kit is your portal to explore and create. This comprehensive art kit is designed to inspire creativity and unlock the artist within.

40 Pcs Crayons, 40 Pcs Oil Pastels, 31 Pcs Clips,

20 Pcs Markers, 20 Pcs Color Pencils,

18 Pcs Markers, 12 Pcs Color Cakes,

1 Pc Eraser, 1 Pc Glue, 1 Pc Sharpener

1 Pc Palette, 1 Pc Ruler, 1 Pc Brush, 1 Pc HB Pencil



SKU: 01-01-01306

For budding artists and creative souls, the 188 Pcs Wooden Painting Art Kit is a treasure trove of artistic possibilities. This comprehensive kit provides all the tools and materials needed to ignite your artistic journey. In this guide, we’ll explore the features, benefits, and the world of inspiration that this art kit offers, highlighting how it nurtures creativity, artistic skills, and endless hours of self-expression.


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