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2 in 1 Wooden Black/White Board (64cm x 35cm)

  • Easel Double Sides Board – This is an multi-function Easel,you can use it with the front and the back.which helps kids to spark creative expression.Excellent for learning, writing, drawing.Use the water pen to draw on the whiteboard and wipe it with the pen And use the chalk to draw on the blackboard and wipe it with the eraser.Just turn over the board,you can change the whiteboard to the blackboard and the blackboard to the whiteboard.Very convenient and easy.


Out of stock

Included: Duster, Marker, Chalks
Size: 64cm x 35cm
Material: Wooden

  • Smooth Corner and Wood ,-The body of the 2 in 1 chalkboard and blackboard adopt high quality pin wood to protect your kids or you from getting hurt by the coner or the wood of the board. long lasting, so you can count on it holding up after years of use. Let your kids enjoy drawing on the board and like to learn knowlege by using the easel.
  • Ajustable Height and Foldable – There are different height you can use for different people.Very easy to change and convenient to install.Can be folded and put away when not in use.This will save a lot of space in your room.
  • A Tray for your Essentials and Water Based Paint -There is a tray under the easel,you can use it to put your essentials like waterpen, chalk, books, eraser, papers and so on.(waterpen, chalk, eraser are in the package).You can use it exploring different art mediums with your friend at home.That is awesome.The paint on the easel are very eco-friendly and safe. You do not need to worry about the harmful substance.Because it has very good quality.