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20 Hadith for Kids

Language: English

By: Moulavi Abdul Aziz


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The Sunnah is the most true clarification and elaboration of the Word of Allah. Numerous commendable assortments of Hadith of the Prophet have been ordered and converted into English. However not many, nonetheless, have been incorporated particularly for youngsters and youngsters, and this assortment is planned to fill this hole. This assortment presents twenty sound Ahadith that will engage all ages however are particularly appropriate for youngsters, thinking about their necessities and interests. In interpretation and brief editorial that follows every Hadith, a work has been made to involve plain language and clarification for the common psyche. Besides, valuable activities have additionally been added. Along these lines, this assortment will be incredibly advantageous for youthful Muslims. This little book has been the cooperative exertion of many. It is our expectation that this assortment of Ahadith will fill in as a helpful prologue to the ageless insight of the last Prophet of Islam both at home and in the study hall.

Pages: 63

Size in Inches: 6.5×9.5

Size in CM: 17×24

Format: Full Color


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