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3 in 1 Wooden Rainbow Pairing Board

New Wooden Educational toy for kids to learn and play with. There are number blocks in it from 1 to 10 in different colors. Also have different shapes like square, circle, triangle, hexagon, etc. Engraved places for every block. There are wooden sticks-like rods of different sizes. Kids will have to place the rings in the rods according to size, it will be helpful to them in number learning. When kids pick up the block same color painted on the engraved place.


SKU: 01-01-00793

Package size; 40.5*15.5*5 cm
Product Size: 39.5*15*2 cm

Material: Wood

Includes: 1 wooden board, 1-10 number blocks, plus, minus, equals to signs, 7 shapes blocks, 10 wooden sticks, 55 rings.

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Communication ability
  • Color cognition ability
  • Number cognition
  • Shapes cognition


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