Bilingual Story Books
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Bilingual Story Books in English and Urdu 10 Books

Language: English and Urdu

  1. The Beauty & The Beast
  2. The Wild Swan
  3. The Selfish Giant
  4. The Donkey and the Lap Dog
  5. The Nightingale
  6. The Monkey and the Fisherman
  7. The Emperor’s New Clothes
  8. The Boy who Cried Wolf
  9. Rumpelstiltskin
  10. Rapunzel


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Bilingual Story Books are longer for readers who can read fluently.

A series of most popular classic tales written in a simple bilingual way that is easy to read and understand. To enhance children English and Urdu reading skills these magical tales are divided into four levels consisting of four stories for each level.

Age: 4-9
Book Size: 8.5×10.10 inches
Book Pages: 8
Book Material: Laminated Card
Page material: Printed Page


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