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Dinosaur Rechargeable Electric Fan

This is a new Rechargeable Electric fan with stand in the shape of Dinosaur. It has 3.7 Battery Voltage and output power is 0.1 W 3 W. You can carry it easily to your school, play area or wherever you want.

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SKU: 0321-1

Size : 19.5*12*5

Material : Plastic, Battery

Specifications and colors of the contents may vary from illustrations.
Not for Children under 3 years.

Input voltage is DC 5V(USB) and output voltage is DC 3.7V.
Please charge the battery fully before use. The fan cannot be used while charging. Do not charge more than 6 hours to avoid affecting battery life. When do not in use for a a long time, it should be charged and deposited, and it needs to be charged once after 2 – 3 months.