donuts number crunching
donuts number crunching
donuts number crunching
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Donuts Number Crunching – Abacus – Black Board

2 in 1 (Number Board and Black Board)

Wooden numbers 1-10 with counting pictures

Abacus Beads as per counting 1-5

Duster with Colorful Chalks


  • Painting Ability:Blackboard design operation box, let the children free painting, give fullplay to the imagination, improve baby’s sketch ability and imagination.
  • Digital Cognition:Children can use wood number, know the number 1-100.
  • Loops Function:Children can use different coloured circles to count to determine the number,a number of fingers method often used in lieu of our education. Can also use acircle of different pattern, to enhance self creative thinking of the thin coat.
  • Digital Computing:Children can use wood the numbers on the add, subtract, multiply, divide, cultivatetheir computing power and knowledge.