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oak tree Flash Cards

These cards help children develop their brain and tiny muscle using the Montessori method (learn while you play) in early childhood education. This is a very useful tool to train hand-eye coordination skills, improve dexterity, as well as broaden children knowledge.



Cards Size: 12*0.1*17 cm.

Box Size: 13*2*21.5 cm.

Material: Laminated Cardboard

Includes: 26 OR 38 Flash Cards

  • Alphabets Flash Cards: kids will learn about Capital and Small Alphabets with names of different things.
  • Numbers Flash Cards: Kids will learn about different numbers from 1 to 25 with number words, counting and numerical order.
  • Haroof e Tahaji Flash Cards: Kids will learn about the urdu alphabet (Haroof e Tahaji), and names made with haroof.
Age group



Number, Alphabets, Haroof e Tahaji ا ب پ.


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