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Fun Aquarium for Kids

New Aquarium Toys for kids. Best for parent-child interaction, it has different features like a water circulation system, it can effectively increase the oxygen content of the water quality and let the aquarium fish play happily.! Suitable for raising ornamental fish, and has light and 12 different music.
Parent-Child Interactive Fishing: Fishing rod close to the mouth of the fish, the fish can be hooked.!
Feed he Fish in a Fish Bottle: When the fish feeder is close to the aquarium, the fish will follow the sliding movement of the fish feeder to swim around.
Three gear Switch Button: Lightning, music, Turn off the Power, Light, and water circulation system.


Out of stock

SKU: 02-01-00296

Package Size: 27*12*22 cm

Material: High-Quality Plastic

Includes: 1 Aquarium, 2 fish, 2 fishing sticks, 1 stainer, 1 fish’s food


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