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Haroof e Tahaji – FlashCards ( 32 Cards )

Haroof e tahaji ا ب پ Flash Cards 32 Flash cards inside box


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Learning to recognize and pronounce Haroof e Tahaji is essential for children’s literacy development. Introducing Haroof e Tahaji FlashCards for Kids is a fun, interactive way to help them learn this important skill in a playful, engaging manner. These cards provide an ideal platform to identify and practice the alphabet in Urdu.

What are Haroof e Tahaji?

What are Haroof e Tahaji? Haroof e Tahaji is a unique form of learning that uses flashcards to help children learn the Arabic alphabet. It is an innovative way for kids to explore and understand the language in a more interactive manner. Through engaging images and sounds, children can improve their understanding of each letter’s pronunciation and meaning. With its bright colors, fun activities, and adorable characters, parents are finding it easier than ever before to teach their little ones the basics of Arabic.

Haroof e Tahaji flashcards offer an exciting way for kids to master these essential fundamentals while having fun at the same time. Not only do they provide educational content in an engaging format but also feature traditional Islamic stories through beautiful illustrations, allowing children to discover important lessons while learning the language. The cards come with audio clips that allow children to practice their pronunciation too.

Benefits of Flashcards: Why use them?

Flashcards are an effective tool to help kids learn, and they can be used in many ways. Flashcards can aid children in memorizing facts, words, and language skills. Haroof e Tahaji FlashCards for Kids makes it easier than ever for parents to give their children the educational support they need.

The use of flashcards has benefits both short-term and long-term. For example, flashcards allow a child to quickly recall information while studying or playing interactive games. Additionally, research suggests that regularly using flashcards leads to greater memory retention over time which is beneficial when learning new concepts or preparing for tests. Haroof e Tahaji FlashCards for Kids uses fun designs and colors to make these tasks interesting so that kids stay motivated with their learning.

Haroof e tahaji ا ب پ Flash Cards 32 Flash cards inside box

Material: Laminated Art Card

Cards Size: 10cm x 13.5cm

Box Size: 10.5cm x 17cm

Recommended Age: 3 to 6 Years