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LEAP FROG Fridge Numbers Magnetic Toy 19314

New Educational Music Toy for kids to learn and play with at the same time. This is Leap Frog Fridge Numbers, It is a magnetic number set. when you put a tile on the space The sound will tell about the tiles whether it is a number or a Fruit/Vegetable etc.

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Package Size: 26.5*23.5*6.5 cm

Material: Plastic, Magnet


Includes: 10 Number tiles, 10 matching Food Tiles, 1 Music Fridge

This will help the child to explore numbers and counting, the child will hear the number and count along. Immediate feedback helps a child to grasp the concept of numbers colors and fruits.

  • 20 Learning Tiles talk, teach & Sing
  • matching play helps in building number skills
  • Sing-along songs reinforce learning