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LED Rechargeable Lamp with Clock (00600)

A complete Lamp Clock for your Study table or room. New Rechargeable LED Lamp with an alarm clock and a Pen. This lamp has two modes of light one is low and when your press the button again it turns high. There is also a dim light on the table for the clock to see the time. One helps your while studying and the other help you watch time. There is a USB wire for recharging of the lamp. For the alarm clock, you need to insert the cell on the back of the clock.


In stock

SKU: 01-01-00600

Package Size: 14.5*13.5*22 cm
Lamp: 12*12*17.5 cm
Height with Straight Lamp: 46 cm

Material: High-Quality Plastic, LEDs.

Includes: 1 Lamp clock, 1 pen, 1 cable.