Magic Board Light Up Drawing Pad
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Magic Board Light Up Drawing Pad

Encourage the kids to practice there writing in a fun and unique way with this great Led Glow Writing Board

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Magic Board Light Up Drawing Pad will help the child to reveal his creative potential, but at the same time, furniture and wallpaper in your apartment will not be “decorated” with patterns and hand-writing.

    • Take a special tablet with a light-accumulating coating, a flashlight marker and start drawing!
    • Draw With Light-Fun And Developing Toy!
    • Magic Board can be reused, Clear notes, environmentally friendly transparent drawing board, smooth and wearable, not easy to draw flowers, distribution nano sponge can be wiped repeatedly, health, built-in soft lighting, after painting is finished, turn on the power button to brighten
      the lights around the drawing board
    • At the other end of the marker is a pen with special ink that appears only under the light of the flashlight. It can not be drawn on a tablet – use plain paper for this!
    • Power:3pcs AA battery (not included.)
    • Sizes: 10 inch

Benefits of Light Up Drawing Pad

Do you want your child to have an outlet for their creativity? The Magic Board Light-Up Drawing Pad is an amazing product that allows children of all ages to enjoy the benefits of drawing and writing with a light-up drawing pad.

This innovative new drawing tool offers multiple advantages. It helps boost children’s fine motor skills, encourages them to explore their creativity, and encourages problem-solving skills. Not only does it allow kids to draw on plastic templates with different colors but also creates their own images and drawings from scratch. The backlight display helps kids learn lettering, numbers, shapes, and other important concepts in an interactive way. Plus it’s lightweight enough for little hands so they can take it anywhere with ease!

Overall the Magic Board Light Up Drawing Pad is perfect for encouraging creative exploration while improving hand-eye coordination in children of all ages.

Choose SchoolMall When Buying a Drawing Pad for Kids

When it comes to buying a drawing pad for kids, parents want a product that is both safe and fun. SchoolMall offers the perfect solution with the Magic Board Light Up Drawing Pad for Kids. This high-quality device helps children express their creativity in an interactive way. It features a sleek design and plenty of light-up effects that make every artwork come alive!

The Magic Board Drawing Pad is designed to help children of all ages develop their art skills while having fun at the same time. It has an easy-to-use setup process and a large writing area, which means kids can draw freely without any restrictions or boundaries. Plus, it’s made with durable materials to ensure long-term useability.

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The kit includes:

    • A Magic Board with a light-accumulating covering,
    •  4pcs drawing pen(Blue/Pink/Yellow/Green).
    •  1pc Nano sponge.
    •  instruction / Pattern