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Magic Sand with Molds & Pool

This is new Magic sand for kids to play and learn. This box Contains Sand, Molds, and a Pool. This is non-adhesive, strong-plasticity, sand mud. Your child will create infinite shapes using this sand. There were some molds to give your child a starter and a pool to avoid the wastage of sand.


Package(Box/Bucket) Size: 21*14*15 cm
Pool Size : 60*41 cm

Molds Sizes:
Rectangle: 7.5*6*4.5 cm
Oval : 7.5*6*3.5 cm
Two Minar Mold: 9.3*4.2*5 cm
One Minar mold8.8*4.5*4 cm
Four minar masjid Mold : 7.5*7.5*6 cm
Four side Stairs: 8.2*8.2*3.5 cm

Aprox. 800 Gram Sand

Material: Mud Sand, Plastic, silicon oil, white beeswax, etc.

Includes: 1 Box/Basket, 1 Pool, 6 Molds, Approx.. 800 gm Sand.

  • Do not mix it with water
  • Avoid Sun Exposure
  • Tidy up it after use don’t leave it long

Note: Pool Color may vary from illustration.


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