Magic Sand with moalds

Magic Sand with Moulds

This Kadink Sensory Magic Sand is a great option for a stimulating and engaging activity for the classroom or home to help develop fine motor skills and coordination. This sand can be twisted, shaped and sliced, adding excitement to sensory play. It comes in a reusable storage tub and includes 6 moulds to assist with model making.


SKU: SM10030

This magic sand is ideal for helping learners to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through model-making and creativity.

  • This Kinetic sand is soft and easy for shaping and molding using just hands or sand tools.
  • It adds a sensory element to playing and will help learners to explore creativity in a stimulating environment.
  • Magic Sand comes in a 350 Grams and 1400 Grams plastic box that is reusable.
  • The sand is in Multiple colors.
  • This sand comes with 6 molds for an elevated art experience.
  • Unique to Officeworks, Kadink helps pre and primary-schoolers to create, imagine, and be inspired through play, self-expression, and exploration.

SKU: SM10030

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