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Multi-Function Stacking Wooden Toy – MC016

This is new Premium Quality Wooden Toy for children. This Toy will enhance their thinking ability and problem solving ability. Your child will learn about different Shapes and Colors along with the concept of structure.


Out of stock

SKU: MC-016

Package Size : 19*12.5*12.5 cm

Material : Wood, Plastic
Includes : 1 Five Column Wooden Board, 21 Different Wooden Shapes

Specifications, colors and content may vary from the illustrations.

Suitable for children above 3 years.

Avoid water washing, wooden toys will swollen and deform when they meet water.
Use a clean rag or handkerchief for cleaning, do not put it on wet surface.
Do not expose to Sunlight for long time, it may affect the beauty of the and can cause a crack in the paint.


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