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Multifunction Folding Drawing Board(Large)

Best Parenting & Educational Toy for kids. New Multifunctional Wooden Magnetic Writing & Drawing Board. It is a perfect Board for kids’ Home Schooling. There is a magnetic whiteboard on which kids can write using board markers, on the top of it there is a clock and an abacus. Useful to learn about the analog clock and how to watch time. There is a blackboard on the other side of it.


SKU: 01-01-00629

Package Size(LxWxH):41*5*81 cm
Product Size: 40*35.5*79.5 cm
WhiteBoard = 35*28 cm
Black Board = 35*38 cm

Material: Wooden

Includes: 1 Folding Drawing Board, 1 Board Marker, 4 chalks, 1 Duster

Enhanced the following skill of the kids

  • Writing and drawing skills
  • Hands to Eye coordination ability of the child
  • Thinking and imagination ability of the child
  • More than 1 kid can play with it and communication ability is enhanced.
  • Brain Development
  • Safe and secure for kids
  • Environment Friendly.


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