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Music Walker for Toddlers

All New Walker for Toddlers to help them out for their first step walk. There is a Music Piano in the Walker. Your child will learn about the phone call and how to dial a number using the toys given in Music Walker. There is a small mirror on one side of the walker and on the other side, there were beads to play with.


Out of stock

SKU: 02-01-00263

Package Size: 46*23.5*10.5 cm

Material: Premium-Quality Plastic, Non-slip Silicon

Includes: 1 Walker, 1 Mobile Toy, 1 Magnetic Writing Board, 1 Music Toy, 2 Walker’s back wheel Stands.

This for children above 6 Month.

  • There is a phone dialer Rotate it to make a call
  • Three Functions entertainment time straight playing piano piece.
  • The rear Wheels are prepared with a non-slip silicon pad.
  • There is also a mini phone to make up a call
  • Babies can look at themselves in the mirror
  • There is a tear protection film on the mirror
  • Play soft and slow music to create a joyful growth atmosphere for baby
  • There is a Magnetic Writing pad to open the imagination and inspire the creative ability of the child.



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