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Rotating Snail Music Toy with Lights

This is a new Fun Rotating Orbit snail. There is a ring track kids have to assemble it. Put the ball down from the top of the snail, and the ball quickly slides into the bottom along the circular track. When the snail stops, the ball is ejected from the snail’s tail. There are three colored balls and three colored eggs in this toy. A perfect fun play music toy. It is made up of safe plastic, you need to install three 1.5v “AA” batteries in it.

Package size: 16*12.5*14 cm
Product size: 16*14*19 cm


SKU: 02-01-00343

Rotating Snail Music Toy with Lights is a fun and engaging toy that is designed for kids. This toy is designed to provide sensory stimulation to children and is perfect for infants and toddlers. The snail-shaped toy is colorful and visually appealing and features a rotating shell that plays music and lights up, making it an ideal toy for little ones.

The Rotating Snail Music Toy is made from high-quality materials that are safe for children to use. The snail’s shell is made of durable plastic, and the base is made of soft and smooth materials that are gentle on a child’s skin. The snail’s design is easy to grip, making it perfect for little hands to hold and play with.

The music feature of the Rotating Snail Music Toy is a delightful addition that makes it even more fun for kids. The toy plays a variety of musical tunes that are sure to capture a child’s attention and encourage them to play and interact with the toy. The lights that flash as the music plays make the toy even more engaging and visually stimulating, providing an immersive experience for children.


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