Wooden Animal Trailers

New Wooden Trailers for kids to play with. Every Trailer has a thread attached to them to pull them wherever your child wants them to move. Could you give them a concept of having a pet? Recognition of animals with their names and color.


SKU: 01-01-00638

Package Size(approximately): 18*16*8 cm
Thread(average): 45+ cm long
Trailer Size(LxWxH)

  • Duck: 14*7*13 cm
  • Dinosaur: 16*7*18 cm
  • Moon: 16*7*18 cm
  • Dog: 16.5*7*14.5 cm
  • Giraffe: 13*7*18 cm
  • Zebra: 14.5*7*16.5 cm
  • Hedgehog bell: 15*7*14 cm

Material: Wood

Includes: 1 Wooden Trailer having a thread

Age group


Giraffe, Dinosaur, Dog, Duck, Zebra, Moon, Hedgehog Bell


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