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Wooden Beaded Memory Game 2 in 1

Toddlers are BEST at PLAYING TOYS and PLAYING IS LEARNING for these young humans. Memory games help a child develop their cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving. Matching game has 5 cards including FUN COLORS, ALPHABET, ANIMALS that toddler and babies can learn and enjoy


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With our Wooden Montessori Toys, help your Child:

1. Recognize basic colors and shapes—These colourful wooden bead board game toys has seven colors. This can exercise child’s shape and color recognition ability.

2. Foster an interest in construction;

3. Develop problem-solving skills.

4. Alphabet, Number and Pattern Recognition.

5. Practicing kids hand-eye coordination and visual recognize.

6. Make your children smarter, more imaginative and creative.

Includes: 5 Pattern Cards, 6 Cups, 72 beeds, 1 spoon, 2 sticks, 1 Tong, 1 Wooden Box with 2 Beeds Pattern wooden Baords, 16 Caps


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