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Wooden Mini Parking Lot

New Premium Quality Car Parking Lot for Kids. This is just a puzzle and environment-friendly game. Focused on baby’s safety, the material used in it is of high quality, and the latest technology is used in it for the sake of kids’ safety. It will enhance the Hands-on ability of kids, Logical thinking, and Hand-Eye Coordination. Kids will learn basic motor skills and color cognition abilities.


SKU: 01-01-00641

Package Size: 33*26.5*8 cm

Material: Wood

Includes 2 cars, 1 trolley car, 1 Aircraft, 1 Fuel Dispenser, 1 Small Bottom Plate, 1 Large Bottom Plate, 1 Top Plate, 1 Parking Platform, 1 Lift Table, 1 repair card, 1 car washing machine, 2 short support pole, 2 Long support pole, 1 Slope, 2 Gasket, 2 buttons, 19 screws,


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