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Wooden Number Peg Board 0 to 20

Made of high quality wood, it has smooth surface and is safe and nontoxic.
A great toy improves your baby’s thinking ability and early cognition training.

Type: 0 to 20 Puzzle Peg Board
Material: Wood
Features: Counting 0 to 20 with different colors
Size: 30cm x 22.5cm/11.81″ x 8.86″ (Approx.)


Out of stock

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Embark on a journey of numbers and discovery with the Wooden Number Peg Board (0 to 20) – an educational odyssey that introduces young learners to the fascinating world of numeracy. This versatile learning tool combines numerical concepts with tactile exploration, fostering a deep understanding of mathematics, spatial relationships, and fine motor skills. In this guide, we’ll delve into the features, benefits, and the educational possibilities that this Wooden Number Peg Board offers, making it an invaluable resource for children, parents, and educators.


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