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MagPad 380 pcs Magnetic Beads for Kids

Magpad is a 380 pcs lattice beads board, use of sophisticated magnetic stylus,making the surface of the ball pops rendering graphics, letter, and pictures. It can develop childrens imagination, painting and design talent.

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The MagPad 380 pcs Magnetic Beads for Kids from School Mall is the perfect way to help your child explore their creative side. This educational toy set includes 380 pieces of colorful magnetic beads that can be used to make amazing 3D designs and sculptures. Not only will your child have hours of fun, but they’ll also be learning important STEM skills such as spatial awareness, problem-solving and motor skills.

The magnetic beads are safe for children aged five and up, as each bead is sealed in a tough reinforced plastic casing. The set comes with easy-to-follow instructions which makes it a great gift for birthdays or holidays. All the pieces in the MagPad are compatible with major building block brands so you can use them with Lego or other construction sets too!

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SchoolMall is the place to go for MagPad Magnetic Beads Toys! Shopping for kids can be difficult, but with SchoolMall, parents or teachers can find the perfect magnetic beads toy for their child or classroom. The MagPad 380 pcs Magnetic Beads are a great option as they come in vibrant colors and offer endless possibilities when it comes to creating art pieces. With these magnetic beads, children can express their creativity and explore their imagination. Not only do these toys create beautiful designs, but they also help kids develop spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, shapes recognition and color-sorting abilities. SchoolMall is proud to carry this high-quality product that offers fun while promoting cognitive growth among younger children.

Size: 21.5 x 18 cm