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The Gingerbread Man Fairy Tales Story Book

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The Fisherman and his wife Fairy Tales Story Book

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Beauty and the Beast Fairy Tales Story Book

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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Fairy Tales Story Book

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Wooden Rainbow Tower Small W-9

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6 in 1 Stationery Set with Wallet

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4 Coloumn Wooden Blocks Geometry Shapes Matching A-10

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42 Pcs Colour Kit for Kids

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LCD Writing Tablet 8.5 Inch

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Alphabets Practice Wooden Board

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4 PCS Magic Practice Copybook for Kids

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My First Library of Manners

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3D Wooden Puzzle Board

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12 in 1 Learning Library

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Best Pre School Supplies Store for Kids in Pakistan

Welcome to School Mall! Nothing beats amazing preschool supplies that prepare your kids for school both physically and mentally. You do want to see your kids succeed in their lives in the future, don’t you? School is definitely not the first step to it. The first step to your kid’s success is their training BEFORE going to school and this is when School Mall’s attractive collection of pre school supplies comes in handy!
We have all kinds of educational accessories for kids accommodating many categories such as kids’ books, educational toys, school bags and accessories, kids’ stationery, kids’ toys, and more! Just think of anything for your child’s pre school preparation and we have just the supplies for you! 

The Most Engaging Learning Supplies For Pre School Kids

We have a huge variety of learning supplies for preschool kids that they can use to unlock and explore new and necessary experiences in life. Our pre school supplies are designed thoughtfully to match a child’s psychology and ultimately help them make the most out of their time before school. This way, when they do get to school – they have a sharp mind, know how to solve basic problems, and have a confident and fresh personality. The following are some examples of the most engaging learning supplies for pre school kids:

  • Minion Building Blocks
  • Fun Learning Car Toy
  • 3D Shapes Wooden Board Small(Sea Animals)
  • Educational Toy Screw Blocks
  • Bear Numbers Matching Puzzle Game
  • My First Learning Library Box 12 Cute Books

There are many more children’s educational supplies at School Mall to explore so make sure you walk through the store and find the best items for your little baby.

School Supplies & Stationery Online in Pakistan

In schools, stationery educational accessories hold a lot of importance, especially pencil colors (colored pencils), pencil cases, geometry boxes, stationery pouches, erasers, sharpeners, etc. Kids often have attractive and colorful stationery supplies in their bags and just flaunt them all over the school which makes every other kid have them too. Before this happens, why not let your kid get such amazing educational accessories before preschool? They can practice using pencils, colored pencils, sharpeners, erasers, etc. while learning a lot, having fun, and preparing themselves for school. School Mall has the best school supplies and stationery online in Pakistan and you can get them at an affordable price.

Reason Why Kids Love Pre School Supplies & Accessories

Did you know that kids actually adore having preschool supplies and accessories? Kids have the privilege to have fun with everything they find anywhere, especially if it’s full of attractive colors and playful. All preschool supplies and accessories are designed specifically for children of a specific age bracket that just want to play. Keeping this in mind, what’s a better way to provoke a sense of learning in them than using toys? Our children’s educational supplies include everything from building blocks to wooden fun toys that push the kids to use their imagination and creativity to solve a problem while having the best time of their lives.

Shop Now at School Mall – Pakistan’s Renowned PreSchool Supplies Online Store 

It’s hard to find a one-stop-shop in Pakistan from where you can find everything you would need for your kid’s mental growth and an amazing pre school experience. School Mall, on the other hand, doesn’t only offer everything your kid NEEDS for pre school but also what they WANT for it. We have high-quality preschool supplies that offer learning, character-building, basic worldly knowledge, preschool education, and loads of fun with no limits for your kids! 

The more you explore our store, the more fun things you will find for your kids – be it children’s educational products, books, stationery, school accessories, or even kids’ toys! Find what’s best for your kid, place your order, receive it in a few days, and see your kids have the best time of their lives!