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Montessori Computation Study Box Wooden Toy

  • Use the number blocks to teach them visual numbers, counting with the colorful sticks, math symbols and computations

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Computation study box can be used to teach them visual numbers, counting with colorful sticks, math symbols, and computations.

  • Let the baby know four basic colors. Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.
  • This study box will help them learn numbers really quickly and easily.
  • Provides Visual Way of Teaching Basic Math Concepts and Calculations.
  • Eco-Friendly Wood with Bright Non-Toxic Paints to Ensure Kids Safe.
  • The size of the box is 8” x 9.5”


  • 2 Pcs for Each 0-9 Numbers and Operation Symbols.
  • 4 lots of counting sticks in different colors, 10 in each lot.

Product Material: Wooden